After a successful workshop on Saturday – We are opening dates for another !

Saturday 22nd June – 11am – 1.30pm ( £30 )

This may interest anyone looking for a workshop to bring some freedom of movement in their body. The aim of this workshop is to increase range of movement, whilst releasing the body of tension. Our body adapts to its environment and holds long established patterns of movement maybe from injury, postural habits from sport or work environment. We will explore your own lines of tension and particular needs leading us towards balance and facilitating ease.
Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective method that uses specific cues and pathways such as  contract/relax and partner stretching to empower the mind and body connection. 
The session will be split into two parts with the first focusing on the front line including: muscles that cross the hip, thighs, shoulders and neck. The second focusing on the back line, hamstrings, gluteals, calves and feet.
Each stretch has alternatives or adaptions for ways to work without unnecessary stress. We implore you to come along. It is a relaxed workshop where you can work at your own pace and find some space in the body 🙂
This workshop embodies the work of Kit Laughlin Internationally regarded as one of the leading Stretch specialist’s and author of Overcome back and Neck Pain. – We have trained under Kit for many years.
Please contact us at hello@studio10pilates.co.uk or 07766880701 to book