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What we offer

Offering a variety of Pilates classes including Mat, Chair Pilates, Pilates with Weights and Fitball Body Conditioning. These smaller mixed-level classes include core work, flexibility and balance work  to build better posture and a stronger body.

We also offer Stretch Therapy and are the only trained Stretch Therapists in the Southwest. After being trained by Kit Laughlin and spending numerous years attending his teacher training to learn and master his method. It was clear to us that Stretch Therapy is the perfect complement to Pilates and simply the most effective stretching solution to increase flexibility and mobility


The Personal Training we offer has 3 different approaches from one to one, paired and small group sessions which bring set programs or packages which add focused work on individual needs. 

Regular fitness assessments will include program updates, flexibility and posture analyses as well as weight loss or muscle gain checks.


Bring Fun, Play, and Vitality to the older body.

The beauty of Pilates is that it works for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. A Mind-body approach that will help you feel stronger, balanced, and more centred.

Learn to move with ease and enjoy the improved balance, flexibility, and coordination, that this modified and slower-paced pilates session brings.

GENTLE PILATES  will still give you a good workout but focus on sympathetic support, encouragement, and reassurance.


Studio 10 Pilates & Fitness is in the heart of the Fairview Community, Cheltenham at

83 Hewlett Road.