A full body workout for all levels, using small dumbbells, resistance bands and sliders, (optional) to enhance strength, tone and stability.

Hi there, I’m Charlie and I teach Pilates with Weights on Monday mornings from 9:15am-10:15am at Studio 10. We have a friendly mixed group of different levels in class, from beginners to more experienced and we modify moves to suit each individual. 

All you need to do is book your place via charlierevell.com and bring your bottle of water and mat with you, (and your own weights if you prefer). We have all the equipment you need at the studio.

At Pilates with weights we use light hand weights to ensure you strengthen and stabilise the smaller muscles first before targeting the bigger ones. Once you feel stronger you can up the resistance. The class includes non-impact compound exercises, working multiple muscle groups at the same time, with a strong emphasis on core strength, form and posture, to ensure you are working effectively. Both standing and floor work, this class suits both beginners and the more experienced. Plenty of guidance, lots of fun and a great start to the week.

Book the whole term for £10 per class or £12 per class drop in. See link above to book.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me on: 07968717422.


Strengthens and tones your body

Adding weights helps the body to build and maintain muscle mass, which will make your body strong. As well as strengthening, weights help to improve bone density and in turn reduce joint pain. Pilates has a way of finding those smaller, deeper muscles and making them work too.

Functional everyday movements

Compound exercises such as; squats/deadlifts/high plank with rotation, are functional movements, training multiple muscle groups and joints at a time. They give your body greater strength, improved balance & coordination and increased leaner muscle.


Suitable for all levels

You get out of your workout what you put in. If you need to take it a bit easier, you can do less repetitions, use a lighter weight or maybe lose the weight. If you are feeling strong and need more of a challenge, you can increase reps or use a higher load. We can adapt and modify to suit. You do you.