It is really important to us to help our clients progress. Don’t take it from us. Hear our testimonials and benefits of Pilates at Studio 10  direct from our clients.

These sessions with Seth are great in making me a lot more flexible. I have had a lot of lower back pain and its like a management of that pain. Before I started with Seth I was seeing a chiropractor every fortnight, that became every 2 months and now its over 8 months. I have really gained a sense of fluidity in my body and really need the sessions to make that connection.


I have been coming to Seths classes now for 5 years and cant believe how much of a difference in my bodies movement. He brings into the session a little bit of what all of needs. My slipped disc really plays up if I ever have a holiday or there’s a break. The attention to detail and the insight he has across health and fitness really shows in his passion for his role


Top class One to one – I cut my PB in 5k, 10k and even half marathon within 3 months of training with Seth. Each session I have gives me a great insight into training properly, which to be honest I need coaching on. I have had an injury list a mile long and have halved my training to get these successes. Seth is Very very good value for money and is much more than a Personal trainer to me.


Seths commitment to the running club has been nothing short of brilliant. He has been very patient with us, considering everyones pace and never letting anyone get left behind.

Last week we all finished the Bath half marathon and we couldn’t have done without Seths knowledge and training.