FITBALL -Body conditioning

A low impact, mat-based class using the fitball to strengthen, stretch and relax our bodies with a focus on core stability and strengthening.

Hi, I am Kirsty, and I invite you to join me for Fitball Body Conditioning classes at Studio 10, 83 Hewlett Rd, Cheltenham GL52 6AJ

Fitball is a class to relax, strengthen and stretch and is a popular low impact session to rejuvenate our bodies.

Using the ball (and at time resistance bands) as a prop, we focus on strengthening our bodies – with an emphasis on the ‘core’. There are standing, sitting and lying positions – you can very all the exercises to meet your needs.

You will need to bring your own ball – mats and bands will be provided.

When? Tuesdays 9:15am – 10:15am, Studio 10, 83 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham GL52 6AJ

How do I book?

You can book for individual sessions for £12 a session or block book for six sessions at a time. See above for links to book.


Strengthens the core

Strengthens the core (the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen), and allows these muscles to work in harmony leading to better every day strength for daily activities.

Improve flexibility

Improve your flexibility to improve mobility, posture, muscle coordination and reduce the risk of injuries.


What are the benefits of Fitball

Improved balance and muscle group coordination which will naturally increase your body’s ability to control itself during challenging tasks. This means improved agility, quicker reaction times, and improved overall performance