Experience greater ease in the body and improve your flexibility.

Stretch Therapy is a wonderful safe system that facilitates deep stretching, neural re-patterning, and fascial tension release. Stretch Therapy works with the neurological systems of the body to take away apprehension that ultimately leads to limitations in the body.

This class is suitable for everyone if you are someone who is not familiar with stretching or is extremely tight. We welcome you to give it a go.

I am extremely inflexible is this class right for me ?

This is a great class for those who are who would consider themselves to be very tight.

How does stretch therapy work compared to Yoga ?

Stretch Therapy is based on detailed knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. It is not a follow-along flow class as you might find in Yoga. It, therefore, gives a wonderful opportunity to connect with the body.

What makes stretch therapy unique ?

Stretch Therapy is a Comprehensive System. It is an extremely effective way to improve your flexibility using proven techniques in the field of stretch.

“I can thoroughly recommend Stretch Therapy as its the antidote to life’s tensions and essential body maintenance that everybody needs.  “

Living the hybrid existence of marrying desk work with a passion for triathlon my body needs the restorative benefits of Stretch Therapy. It’s a combination of mobilisation and deep stretch techniques unlock the tightness, improves my posture, and allows my body to function with greater ease.”