Roll out your mat, anytime, anywhere, and move with us. We are currently offering live stream sessions and on-demand content for you to enjoy in your own time. 

 Stay safe, and stay active, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want a beginners class, Pilates with weights, or a relaxing stretch therapy, we’ve got something for you. 

We have a regular schedule of live classes that take place over Zoom, allowing us to provide that personal experience to your living room. From here, you can also sign up to our on-demand sessions, with added extras such as HIIT classes and bite size focus sessions, providing unlimited content for you to do at a time that suits you.

Kickstart your Pilates journey with our trusted method and experienced teachers, transforming your life and body, one session at a time. 

Will I still get form corrections and personalised help?

Yes! Our live classes are two-way over Zoom, so we can see and hear you too (if you want us to). We keep our class numbers small so that we can ensure everyone is receiving the same personalised experience they would have received in studio.

How do I get access to your on-demand classes?

Once you have booked onto your live classes with us, you have the optional choice of adding on our on-demand membership for as little as £2 a month, providing you with unlimited content and exclusive extras. Our on-demand membership is only offered as an add-on to a class membership with us and, therefore, cannot be purchased on it’s own.



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