gentle yoga 

A slow paced and mindful Hatha yoga practice exploring postures, breathwork and deep relaxation.
Suitable for all bodies regardless of ability, age or experience

This gentle yoga class uses standing, sitting and lying postures designed for relaxation and stress reduction.  You will experience deep, rhythmic breathing accompanied by simple stretches in a safe and comfortable setting. When the mind quiets down and your body resolves patterns of tension, then harmony and well-being are naturally restored.


Tuesdays 10.30-11.30am Gentle Yoga (mat based)

Single class £12

Course of 6 £60

Please contact me directly to book : 07968168777





Increases flexibility as well as strengthens and tones the body

Strengthens the core (the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen), and allows these muscles to work in harmony leading to better every day strength for daily activities.

Lowers stress levels

This benefit you may notice immediately after your first class. The way breath is used in this practice stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest state. This may enable us to relax our busy mind and lower our heart rate.

Boosts the immune system

Moving, twisting and stretching your body can stimulate your lymphatic system and increases the drainage of toxins in your body. This may help the body to fight infection and illness and improve overall health.