Take your workout out of the gym and into the fresh air. Discover what you are capable of. 

Taking your workout out the gym and into the fresh air!

We are working with small groups at the moment and keeping to social distancing regulation.

Bootcamps offer a Motivational, Fun, and Sociable workout.  Discover what you’re capable of. Bring a well-rounded addition to your fitness level.

Work together as a team. Our promise is to train and educate you to reach your goal. If you are looking for something to kick start your weight loss and fitness goals then we are highly motivating!

Quickly see results, with a community that will support you as no-one gets left behind.

What are the advantages of a Bootcamp?

Whilst it is a challenging session developing Core Strengthening and Cardio fitness working outside is fun and sociable! 

No egos allowed in this class!

How long is a session ?

The session is 45 minutes. 

Do I need to bring anything ?

Only yourself ,  a bottle of water, and a small towel. 

Where is it held?

Cheltenham Cricket Ground